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The events platform for creative events!

We’ve created a go-to events platform for arts and culture, helping to connect those who enjoy the arts with wonderful creative events!

Take your creative events to the next level with Artsflow enabling you to easily create your events, promote them, secure bookings and share your creative passion!

Eye-catching events

You can create multiple events on the platform and share them with your community. Our ‘Explore’ page will enable people to discover your events.

Seamless Bookings

Share your Event Page with your audience and via your social media channels and people can book it easily, in just a few clicks.

Engaging newsletters

Communicate with your audience. Share upcoming events, send reminders, include video call links and more. Connect with your audience more easily.

Smooth payments

Once you’re event has finished you’ll receive payment from all of your bookings. You can track your income and other metrics via the Dashboard.

Create your events

Easily create, publish and amend your arts events in Artsflow.

Whether your organising events on a weekly or monthly basis or delivering a 6 week course, you can determine what events you want to deliver and when.

Create your activities
Create your activities

Dedicated Event Page

Each event that you create will have its own Event Page that your audience can visit via a short link. From there they can easily book and make payment.

Our 3-step booking process makes booking your event a breeze!

Valuable data insights

Your Dashboard will provide you with an overview of your business, with data on your balance, number of bookings, number of attendees, and the number of event page views.

Easily download your booking data via a TXT file.

Create your activities

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