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Share your passion for the arts

Whether you’re a skilled artist, musician, dancer or drama practitioner, you can share your passion with Artsflow.

Artsflow management dashboard

Finally, a platform for the arts!

Artsflow is a tailor-made platform for the Arts Sector enabling creative practitioners to easily create, book, deliver and earn a living from their passion. We will help you to connect with people locally, so that you can share your passion with them.

Create your activities

As a Creative you can create multiple activities on our web app and publish them so that people can discover them locally via our mobile app.

Receive bookings

People can easily book the arts activities they want to attend locally via the mobile app. You’ll be able to see how many and who has booked with you.

Deliver your activities

Deliver your arts activities to those that have booked with you locally. Users can then review you, save your activity or share with friends.

Generate an income

Earn from your passion. Once you’ve delivered your activity you’ll receive your payment. You can track your earnings and other metrics via our web app.

Discover the Mobile app

The mobile app or ‘booking platform’ will be where you’ll see your activities listed and receive bookings from Users.

Explore the Arts

Once you’ve created and published your arts activity this is what it will look like to Users.

They will be able to see the activities nearest to them, filter by art form or whether they are looking for social or educational activities.

Artsflow mobile app explore screenshot 1
Artsflow mobile app explore screenshot 2

Booking is a breeze

Booking an arts activity is so quick and easy for Users. They simply select the times and days/dates they’d like to attend your activity and then continue to payment.

It’s never been easier to track your bookings and earn an income from your passion.

Artsflow mobile app booking screenshot 2
Artsflow mobile app booking screenshot 1

Why use our mobile app?

Increased visibility

Publishing your arts activities on Artsflow will provide you with more visibility to Users locally and nationally.

Seamless booking & transaction

It’s never been easier for Users to book with you and to earn an income from your passion.

Communicate with Users

Communicate with your attendees professionally to update them as to what to bring or inform them of a cancellation.

Data at a glance

View your Dashboard containing data on your income, bookings, attendees and activities. Deeper data analytics available in the Web app.

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Discover the Web app

The web app or ‘management platform’ will be where you’ll be able to create activities, view data analytics and access resources to help grow your business.

Create your activities

Easily create, publish and amend your arts activities in the Artsflow web app.

Whether your delivering activities on a weekly basis, bi-monthly basis or delivering a 6 week course, you can determine what activities you want to deliver and when.

Artsflow management dashboard activities screenshot

Complex data insights

Your Dashboard will provide you with an overview of your business, with data on your income, number of bookings, number of attendees, their age and what type of User they are.

Filter and download your data via a PDF or CSV file.

Artsflow mobile management dashboard screenshot

Why use our web app?

Calendar Overview

Filter by day, week or month to see what’s going on and when, including every freelancer and franchisee (‘member’) in your organisation.

Organisation Membership

Upgrade your membership at any time and add multiple members to your Organisation account. View member reviews and activities.

Access Resources

From video tutorials, to documents and live training/tutorials (coming soon), we’ll have everything you need to get started on Artsflow.

Crunch your data

From the number of bookings to the income generated, the Dashboard contains the data you need to help you improve your business.

About us

James Cropper

James Cropper,  


James is an entrepreneur and founder of Creative Minds a nationwide community of artists that deliver art sessions to care homes and other venues.

He has a BA Fine Art degree from Loughborough University and has a keen interest in sculpture.

Radu Ciocan

Radu Ciocan,  


Radu is the technical wizard at Artsflow. As a Full Stack software developer with more than 10 years professional experience he’s worked for prominent fintech, social media and advertising start-ups.

He’s also an avid photographer, with an interest in street photography.

Why we're doing this?

Increase AccessWe want the arts to be accessible to all. Through Artsflow we hope to increase access to the arts and increase awareness of arts activity locally.

Empower CreativesWe want to empower Creatives both experienced and new to the sector, enabling them to share their passion and creativity with others.

Technology EnablerWe want to create a 'technology enabler' for the Arts Sector helping people to instantly connect with creative practitioners and arts activities around them.

Service DiscoveryA world of opportunities and experiences will be opened up for both Creatives & Users. Artsflow will enable Users to discover wonderful arts activities local to them.

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