The origins of Artsflow...

James was working on his business Creative Minds and Radu was a contractor for tech start-ups. They were on completely different paths until they crossed in September 2020.

With a shared passion for the arts, a desire to empower people and to make the arts accessible to everyone they started Artsflow, a web & mobile app events platform for the arts & cultural sector.

James Cropper, CEO

James is the strategic wizard at Artsflow. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of Creative Minds a nationwide community of artists that deliver art sessions to care homes and other venues.

He has a BA Fine Art degree from Loughborough University and has a keen interest in sculpture.

James Cropper
James Cropper
James Cropper
James Cropper

Radu Ciocan, CTO

Radu is the technical wizard at Artsflow. As a Full Stack Developer with more than 10 years professional experience he’s worked for prominent Fintech, Social Media and advertising start-ups.

He’s also an avid photographer, with an interest in street photography. He had his first solo exhibiton in 2019.

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