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Why Artsflow?

Why we’re doing this?

We’re on a mission to ‘level up’ the arts and cultural sector and make the arts accessible to everyone! 💯

Increase Access

We want the arts to be accessible to all. Through Artsflow we hope to increase access to the arts and thus increase awareness of arts activity locally.

Empower Creatives

We want to empower Creatives both experienced and new to the sector, enabling them to share their passion and creativity with others, and earn an income.

Technology Enabler

The Arts Sector is one of the only industries without a tailor-made platform that enables people to instantly and easily connect with art activities around them.

Service Discovery

A world of opportunities and experiences will be opened up for both Creatives & Users. Artsflow will enable Users to discover wonderful arts activities local to them.

Empowering people through the arts

We’ve been making a difference to peoples lives over the last 9 years with Creative Minds (CM), enabling people of all ages and abilities to explore their creativity.

At one stage our nationwide community of artists were delivering 350 art sessions to nearly 2000 people a month!

Empowering people through the arts
Becoming a Creative is well within reach

Becoming a Creative is well within reach

We’ve trained up to 70 CM Artists, and one thing that we’ve learnt is that sharing your passion for the arts is well within reach. All you need to do is decide to start your creative journey today.

With Artsflow we’ll provide you with the tools and know-how to make it happen!

Why join Artsflow?

Create arts activities/events with ease! - Our ‘Add Activity’ flow is only for creative events meaning that Users who are interested in the arts will be able to find and book your event more easily.

Accessible Platform – Due to working with a range of clients over the years we understand how important accessibility is for you when using the platform, and your clients who book your events.

Seamless bookings & payments – Our 3-step booking process makes it super easy for people to book and pay to attend your arts activities. It’s never been easier to earn an income from your passion.

Creative Profiles (coming soon) – Beautiful public profiles are coming your way! This will be your landing page displaying all of your arts activities/events for people to explore and book!

A Smooth Experience – We’ve had some great initial feedback from Creatives who have told us their experience has been much better than other platforms. The last thing you want is to get lost in a maze!

Creative Corner webinars – Learn from the experts and gain valuable insights when you attend our Creative Corner webinars! We’ll explore many different areas of your creative business.

Discount on Artsflow Training – Get a 20% discount on our Training when you login in and create your first arts activity/event on Artsflow. Make today the day you start your creative journey.

Resources page (coming soon) – Login to Artsflow to access our Resources page, which will have video tutorials and a variety of templates to help you get started with your creative business.

We’re not just an events platform, we’re here to support and foster a Creative Community that wants to bring the arts into their community!

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